The Energy and Petroleum Regulatory Authority (EPRA) has taken a significant step towards enhancing safety and accountability in the electricity sector with the unveiling of the Energy (Electricity Incident and Accident Reporting) Regulations, 2024.

EPRA Director General Kiptoo Bargoria highlighted the importance of these regulations, stating, "As we anticipate developments in the energy sector, it is only prudent to ensure the safety of everyone involved."

He acknowledged that existing legislation fell short of effectively safeguarding public safety.

Developed collaboratively with key stakeholders like Kenya Power and the Directorate of Occupational Safety and Health Services (DOSHS), these regulations aim to address this critical gap.

"EPRA has developed these regulations in collaboration with key stakeholders including Kenya Power...and DOSHS who are in charge of safety issues in the country," Bargoria explained.

The new regulations mandate stringent safety measures from licensees, including prompt incident reporting. Specifically, licensees will be required to report any electricity-related accidents within 48 hours to EPRA.

Furthermore, EPRA will establish an online system to streamline the reporting process, ensuring adherence to the outlined framework.

This will not only facilitate efficient reporting but also enhance transparency within the sector.

Another crucial aspect of the regulations is the mandatory insurance requirement for licensees.

"This will provide relief to accident and incident victims as guided by the regulations," Bargoria emphasized.

The Director General expressed confidence that these regulations will lead to significant improvements in safety practices and infrastructure maintenance across the electricity sector.

Additionally, he underscored the regulations' role in fostering transparency and accountability within the industry.

To ensure swift implementation, EPRA will be conducting a survey to verify immediate execution of the regulations.

This comprehensive approach signifies EPRA's commitment to a safer and more responsible electricity sector in Kenya.