Amid a wave of economic revitalization efforts, the government has earmarked a substantial sum of Sh1.5 billion in the current fiscal year to kick-start the development of 11 fish landing sites across Lake Victoria and the Indian Ocean.

This strategic move aims to unlock the untapped potential of the blue economy, heralding a new era of growth for the fisheries sector.

Spread across Homa Bay, Migori, Kisumu, and Siaya counties, as well as the coastal regions, these forthcoming fish landing sites promise to breathe new life into local economies.

The announcement came during the Homa Bay County International Investment Conference, where President Ruto emphasized the importance of fostering agri-business and agro-processing industries alongside this initiative.

In a bid to fortify regional trade links and bolster economic prosperity, President Ruto revealed the ongoing construction of the Homa Bay pier by Kenya Shipyard Limited (KSL), a project estimated at half a billion shillings.

The pier's completion is anticipated by July, with Major General Paul Otieno, KSL's Managing Director, assuring that the development is progressing as planned during a recent media tour.

With an eye towards efficiency and competitiveness, the government envisions the pier as a pivotal conduit for East Africa's domestic and intra-regional trade.

President Ruto underscored its significance in linking Kisumu County to key trade partners such as Entebbe, Jinja in Uganda, and Mwanza in Tanzania.

Furthermore, the pier's construction is anticipated to catalyze economic activity, generating both direct and indirect employment opportunities for thousands of households within Homa Bay County.

This aligns with broader plans to revitalize inland water transport systems, including the rehabilitation and enhancement of existing piers in Homa Bay, Kendu Bay, and Mbita, as articulated by Otieno during the recent Homa Bay investment conference.

"This will be boosted by the rehabilitation and upgrade of piers at Homabay, Kendu Bay and Mbita Homa bay County," Otieno stated.

The injection of funds into the fisheries sector and the ambitious pier project signal a concerted effort to harness the vast potential of the blue economy while fostering regional trade integration.

As these initiatives take shape, they hold the promise of ushering in a new era of prosperity for communities along the shores of Lake Victoria and beyond.