There were fireworks during a meeting convened in Nairobi by ride-hailing company, Bolt, in an effort to address the numerous challenges facing the drivers in regards to their welfare.

During by the meeting by the on-demand mobility company, members of the National Digital Transport Federation raised numerous concerns over their welfare and security.

The digital drivers especially demanded better commissions, refund turnaround time, response during emergencies, and verification period on renewal of vehicle insurance.

They also sought help on dealing with the government’s bid to tax their earnings, dealing with unruly and excess passengers and also demanded a revision of the Bolt pricing model.

On its part, Bolt undertook to urgently address the welfare, safety and regulatory concerns raised as it initiated a series of engagements with drivers to forge a stronger relationship.

Linda Ndungu. PHOTO/MAC OTANI 

“At Bolt, our driver partners are at the heart of our business, and events like these enable us to listen, learn, and evolve together,” said Bolt Country Manager Linda Ndungu.

She added: “We believe that by working hand in hand with them and with other key stakeholders, we can create meaningful impact and shape a future where everyone benefits.”

Bolt revealed that it will also conduct other driver engagement session in Nakuru, Kisumu and Mombasa in continuing efforts to hear and address challenges faced by the Bolt drivers.