Kenya's tourism sector is poised for a major makeover as the government opens its doors to private investment through the privatization of several state-owned hotels and lodges.

This move, announced on Wednesday, marks a significant shift in strategy, aimed at injecting fresh energy and capital into an industry experiencing a welcome rebound.

The Cabinet, chaired by President William Ruto, approved the privatization of the Kenya Safari Lodges and Hotels Limited, a group encompassing iconic properties like the Mombasa Beach Hotel, Ngulia Safari Lodge, and Voi Safari Lodge.

These renowned establishments, along with others like the Golf Hotel Limited, Sunset Hotel Limited, Mt. Elgon Lodge Limited, and Kabarnet Hotel Limited, will be divested, paving the way for private ownership and investment.

This decision aligns with the government's recent move to make Kenya a visa-free destination, a policy already bearing fruit with increased tourist arrivals.

"These divestures are expected to stimulate the expansion of our nation's hospitality industry and grow the individual units through private sector investment," stated the Cabinet despatch, highlighting the potential for revitalization.

"This move aligns with the ongoing rebound of the tourism sector that has been buoyed by the Visa-free entry regime in Kenya, and promises to deliver increased employment and business opportunities in both the divested enterprises as well as across the entire tourism sector," the despatch further elaborated, emphasizing the promise of increased employment and business opportunities.

However, concerns surrounding transparency, accountability, and potential job losses remain, echoing the public criticism that arose when the initial proposal for broader privatization surfaced last November.

Addressing these concerns will be crucial as the government navigates this ambitious plan.

Nevertheless, the potential for increased private investment, coupled with the positive impact on job creation and economic growth, offers a promising outlook for the future of Kenyan tourism.

This bold step towards privatization could well propel the industry to new heights, solidifying Kenya's position as a premier tourist destination in Africa.