In a surprising turn of events, Former Treasury Cabinet Secretary Henry Rotich has declined a job offer made by President William Ruto, turning down the appointment as Senior Adviser on Fiscal Affairs and Budget Policy.

President Ruto had appointed Rotich to the position, as conveyed through a letter from the Head of the Public Service, Felix Koskei.

The intention behind the appointment was to harness Rotich's extensive experience in guiding fiscal policies and budget strategies.

However, Rotich, speaking exclusively to the Star on Friday, expressed his decision not to take up the role.

"I thank the president for appointing me to be among his advisers. I, however, think I'd be of better service to the country if I go back to CBK where I worked for many years," Rotich remarked.

Rotich's assertion of his value to the country aligns with his experience at the Central Bank of Kenya (CBK), where he has served for years.

This stance suggests a prioritization of continuity and familiarity in his contribution to national financial matters.

Rotich's decision, however unpopular, underscores the significance of personal conviction and a strategic outlook in professional choices.

While declining the offered role, Rotich's willingness to serve the nation within the framework of his expertise at the CBK hints at an openness to other possibilities.