Bolt, a leading ride-hailing platform, has unveiled an innovative addition to its app, named 'Driver Compliments.'

This unique feature prompts riders to provide specific, additional positive feedback alongside their star rating for drivers, aiming to enrich the overall feedback loop.

Linda Ndungu, the Country Manager for Bolt Kenya, expressed her excitement about the new feature, noting the need for their drivers' and courier partner's need for feedback.

"We are excited to launch the Driver compliments feature on our platform. We know from our network of drivers and courier partners that they want more feedback about their trips to ensure they’re providing a high-quality ride-hailing experience," Ndungu stated.

"This is also a good opportunity for riders to thank and recognize drivers for the things they do to make the experience more memorable and fun. The driver compliments feature provides an additional avenue to tell your driver at the end of the ride what a great trip you had."

The introduction of the Driver Compliments feature is set to offer drivers increased visibility into the positive feedback bestowed upon them by riders.

This, in turn, is anticipated to enhance driver performance and elevate the overall rider experience.

By receiving commendations for their driving skills, communication, or overall ride experience, drivers gain valuable insights into rider preferences, enabling them to tailor their service accordingly.

Once a rider leaves a compliment, drivers receive an in-app notification, directing them to the collected message.

This real-time acknowledgement allows drivers to immediately recognize and appreciate the positive feedback from riders.

To maintain privacy and foster open feedback, the compliments are visible only to the respective driver. Furthermore, the feedback remains anonymous, with a minimum 48-hour delay before being shared.

This ensures that drivers cannot identify the individuals who provided the positive comments.

Ndungu also highlighted the significance of riders expressing their appreciation through the new feature, emphasizing that it provides an additional avenue to acknowledge drivers for their efforts in making the ride more enjoyable.

"We hope our riders take a moment to express their appreciation by using this feature. It will encourage our driver partners to further elevate their service levels," she said.

"We are encouraging positive and constructive feedback therefore the feature has a built-in profanity filter that does not let abusive comments appear in the driver’s app.”

While the use of Driver Compliments is optional, it significantly enriches Bolt's feedback mechanism, providing valuable data for continuous improvement.

The feature encourages positive and constructive feedback by incorporating a built-in profanity filter, preventing abusive comments from appearing in the driver's app.

In essence, Bolt's Driver Compliments feature not only enhances rider-driver interaction but also sets a new standard for positive engagement within the ride-hailing community.