Nairobi Governor Johnson Sakaja declared an end to the era of multiple business licenses on Monday, characterizing it as a New Year gift to the city's residents and entrepreneurs.

The governor announced the implementation of a Unified Business Permit (UBP) as part of an overarching initiative to streamline business operations and enhance the ease of doing business in the county.

Speaking directly to the residents and entrepreneurs of Nairobi, Governor Sakaja affirmed that his administration had successfully activated the electronic Unified Business Permit (UBP) regime.

This comprehensive permit integrates various licenses, including those for business, fire safety, food, health, and advertising. Sakaja highlighted that the UBP would be accessible through the Nairobi City County Government's online portal, Nairobi Pay Revenue service.

"The UBP combines the business, fire, food, health, and advertising licenses into one and will be available on the Nairobi City County Government's Nairobi Pay Revenue service online portal," the Governor stated.

Governor Sakaja recalled his 2022 campaign manifesto promise to traders, assuring them that if elected, he would eliminate the cumbersome process of obtaining multiple licenses.

He revealed that the development and pilot phases of the UBP took the majority of 2023, emphasizing the meticulous approach taken to ensure a seamless implementation.

Effective Monday, the UBP system aims to revolutionize public service delivery by enabling Nairobi entrepreneurs to conveniently process their license payments online and receive an electronic unified business permit promptly.

Governor Sakaja underscored that this move was part of a deliberate effort to enhance the ease of doing business parameters in Nairobi, contributing to a more efficient and business-friendly environment.

Furthermore, Governor Sakaja shed light on the long-standing issue of corruption within the system, emphasizing that the issuance of multiple business permits had often been exploited by corrupt county officials to misappropriate public resources.

The introduction of the UBP system is expected to address these loopholes and promote transparency in revenue collection.

Governor Sakaja expressed his vision for the UBP to significantly boost the county's Own Source Revenue, setting an ambitious target of Sh20 billion annually.

The advanced system is anticipated to streamline administrative processes, reduce corruption risks, and foster a conducive environment for businesses to thrive in Nairobi.

As the city welcomes the New Year, the Unified Business Permit stands as a transformative step towards a more efficient and accountable local governance system.