In a dazzling event held at NCBA House, the NCBA Group marked the 17th edition of the Johari Awards, a testament to the institution's enduring success in Kenya's financial landscape.

The gala, which recognized and celebrated the contributions of dealers, insurance agencies, and brokers, showcased NCBA's stature as the leading asset financing institution in Kenya, commanding an impressive 35 per cent market share.

Since its inception 16 years ago, the Johari Awards have become a symbol of excellence, acknowledging the pivotal role of partners in propelling NCBA to new heights.

NCBA Group Director, Marketing, communication and citizenship, Nelly Wainaina (L) presents the Insurance Broker Overall Award to James Mwangi from Liaison Group. PHOTO/COURTESY 

The event highlighted their instrumental role in facilitating the financing of 4,000 vehicles, amounting to an impressive Sh17 billion as of October 2023.

John Gachora, the Managing Director of NCBA Group, spoke eloquently at the gala about the profound impact of asset finance on Kenya's economic growth.

"Investment in Asset Finance goes hand in hand with the development of the transport sector, contributing 8.3 per cent to Kenya’s GDP," he noted.

Gachora underscored the importance of NCBA's asset finance offerings in enabling sectors to modernize and providing financial flexibility for technical advancements, ensuring businesses stay competitive in a dynamic environment.

"A well-developed asset finance ecosystem signals a favourable business environment for investors," he added.

The gala featured the recognition of winners in diverse categories, ranging from Highest Asset Finance Sales to Longest Serving Sales Representative (male and female), reflecting the broad spectrum of contributions by industry players.

NCBA Group, Chief of Staff and Director of Strategy, Louisa Wandabwa (C-L) presents the award to the Overall Top Asset Finance Sales Application Count award to Yahya Car Sales members . PHOTO/COURTESY

Preceding the main event, NCBA organized seven mini galas across the country, fostering inclusivity in line with their commitment to diversity and inclusion.

Beyond the accolades, the Johari Awards serve as a powerful motivator for partners and their teams.

The recognition of their contribution boosts morale, instils pride, and encourages an ongoing commitment to delivering exceptional services.

Gachora highlighted NCBA's streamlined acquisition process, allowing customers to secure assets with conditional approval in just 15 seconds, positioning them favourably in closing business efficiently.

Since the 2019 merger, NCBA has been at the forefront of showcasing the economic growth-enhancing advantages of asset finance.

The Johari Awards not only celebrate past achievements but also set the stage for continued success, reaffirming NCBA's pivotal role in shaping Kenya's dynamic financial landscape.