Yamaha by CFAO Motors announced the launch of the Yamaha Motors Road Music Challenge, a two-month competition aiming to stir creativity and talent among Kenyan youth.

The competition offers an exciting opportunity for participants to showcase their musical prowess while vying for prizes that include a brand-new Yamaha Scooter Motorbike for the overall winner, along with substantial cash rewards for the runners-up.

Arvinder Reel, the Managing Director of CFAO Motors, emphasized the challenge's significance as a platform that extends beyond mere competition.

"The Yamaha Motors Road Music Challenge is not just a competition; it is a celebration of the power of music to unite, inspire, and uplift us," said Reel.


He highlighted the competition's alignment with Yamaha's slogan "Revs Your Heart" and encouraged Kenyans to express their feelings boldly through this musical avenue, aiming to inspire the next generation of musical talent.

To participate in the competition, individuals must follow Yamaha by CFAO Motors on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

They are also required to download the designated music track from the provided links on the social media pages or CFAO Motors Kenya website.

Participants should then record a video of themselves performing to the beat and include the words "Rev with Yamaha."

After completing these steps, participants should upload their videos on their social media platforms, tagging Yamaha by CFAO Motors and three friends while utilizing the hashtags #YamahaByCFAOKe and #YamahaMotorsRoadMusicChallengeKE.

Furthermore, participants are encouraged to employ their preferred Yamaha motorbike hashtag.

The launch event, held at the Yamaha Showroom in Nairobi, emphasized the importance of showcasing diverse strengths and styles, akin to the variety of Yamaha bikes.

Joshua Anya, CFAO Motors' Deputy Managing Director, urged participants to think creatively, using their expressions to mirror the uniqueness of Yamaha bikes.

"We want to see just how creative Kenyans can get with their different expressions," mentioned Anya, urging participants to showcase their individuality, whether through rap or unique flows, aligning with various Yamaha bike models.

The selection process for the competition's next rounds involves assessing the top 50 videos with the most social media likes, ultimately determined by judges Wyre Da Love Child and Producer Riccobeatz.

This challenge is part of CFAO Motors' strategy to build enduring connections with customers of all age groups, enabling Yamaha, renowned for its quality and reliable motorcycles, to bring joy to numerous hearts by facilitating memorable journeys.

The Yamaha Motors Road Music Challenge stands as a promising avenue for Kenyan youth to channel their musical talents and innovative expressions, promising a celebration of creativity and the power of music to inspire and unite.