Are you an Equity Bank customer looking for easy ways to repay your loan?

Equity provides a range of hassle-free loan repayment options tailored to your convenience, with the understanding that servicing your loans should be a straightforward and user-friendly process.

Here's a breakdown of how you can easily and conveniently repay your loan:

Equitel STK (SIM Toolkit)

• Access the Equitel STK menu.

• Navigate to "My Money" and select "Eazzy Loan."

• Opt for either partial or full payment.

• Choose your desired account.

• Input your PIN.

• Select the specific loan for repayment.

• Enter the partial payment amount if applicable.

• Confirm your payment details.

USSD – Dial *247#

• Dial *247#.

• Select "Borrow" and then "Pay Loan."

• Pick the loan you intend to repay.

• Specify whether you're making a partial or full payment.

• Enter the partial payment amount if applicable.

• Choose the account from which you'll make the payment.

• Confirm your PIN.

Equity Mobile App/Online

• Launch the Equity Mobile App or access your account online.

• Navigate to the "Borrow" section.

• Select "Pay loan."

• Pick the account from which you wish to make the payment.

• Choose the specific loan you intend to repay.

• Enter the full loan amount or the partial payment amount.

• Confirm your payment details and proceed with the payment.

EVA (Equity Virtual Assistant)

• WhatsApp – Save the number 0763 000 000 on your phone and start chatting with EVA or Click

• Facebook Messenger – Search EquityEva or Click

• Telegram – Search @Equitychatbot or Click

• Proceed to the "Borrow" section.

The Significance of Timely Loan Repayments

Here's why it matters:

• Fostering a Strong Credit Rating: Timely loan repayments shows your financial responsibility, contributing to a positive credit history. A favourable credit rating opens doors to better credit terms and higher loan limits in the future.

• Access to Favourable Loan Terms: A robust credit profile enables you to secure loans with lower interest rates, extended repayment periods, and more favourable terms. This translates to savings and reduces financial strain.

• Enhanced Financial Stability: Timely repayments prevent the accrual of additional interest and fees, aiding in maintaining your overall financial stability and keeping you aligned with your financial objectives.

Easy Loan Access with Equity Bank

Equity Bank goes above and beyond to also simplify loan access for its customers, offering a range of hassle-free options to secure loans ranging from Sh100 to Sh3 million, all without the need for physical bank visits or guarantors.

These accessible methods include the convenience of dialing *247# available round the clock, the user-friendly Equity Mobile App available for Android and iOS users, seamless loan management through Equitel's menu for Equitel users, and the flexibility of Equity Online for web-based banking enthusiasts, enabling effortless account access and loan repayments from your computer.

To Download the Equity Mobile App, please use the links below:

• Playstore:…

• Appstore:

or log on to