The NCBA - Kenya Motor Industry (KMI) Motorshow 2023 has commenced its three-day extravaganza, laying the foundation for a grand exhibition of the latest trends and technological advancements in the automotive industry.

As more than 10,000 participants flock to this prestigious event, it is set to be a spectacle that celebrates not only the progress within the automotive sector but also its profound impact on Kenya's economy.

Naresh Leekha, Managing Director at Simba Corp and Chairman of the Kenya Motor Industry Association (KMI), shared his insights during the inauguration ceremony, highlighting this year's unique emphasis on environmentally friendly vehicles.

“This year's motor show will be unique because the country is moving towards environmentally friendly cars. Most of the new vehicles will be futuristic and emit less environmental pollution. As such, This year’s theme is 'Cleaner environment moving forward,' where exhibitors will showcase the variety of experiences through the endless development of automotive technology, especially the introduction of a new way of travelling in the new era to everyone,” Leekha said.

The NCBA Group Managing Director, John Gachora, affirmed the event's status as a premier showcase for the Kenyan automotive industry, commending its role in bolstering the country's transport sector and economic growth.

“The NCBA - KMI Motor Show 2023 is more than just a gathering of cars; it is a celebration of innovation and progress in the automotive sector. As NCBA, we are proud to be a part of this remarkable event, as it underscores our dedication to providing innovative asset finance solutions that empower businesses and individuals in Kenya," Gachora said.

"We recognize the transformative power of the automotive industry in our economy and therefore, we are committed through our flexible financing options to make quality vehicles accessible to all Kenyans."

With NCBA's remarkable 35 per cent market share in vehicle financing, the financial institution has played a pivotal role in nurturing a vibrant and efficient transport industry, instrumental in Kenya's socio-economic development.

Gachora also extended a warm invitation to car enthusiasts and the entire Kenyan populace during the opening of the NCBA - Kenya Motor Industry (KMI) Motor Show 2023

“I invite car enthusiasts and indeed all Kenyans to come and discover revolutionary technologies that will improve and reshape the automotive industry. From sleek electric vehicles to robust off-road SUVs, the diverse range of vehicles on display here reflects the ever-evolving landscape of the industry dealerships and auxiliary brands. It’s, therefore, a chance for attendees to gain a deeper understanding of how innovation is shaping the future of mobility in Kenya,” Gachora added.

Over the past 25 years, KMI, as the event organizer, has consistently improved services to enhance the experience for exhibitors and visitors alike.

Leveraging digital technology, KMI has streamlined information dissemination, ticket distribution, and data collection, ensuring a more engaging and entertaining event for all.

As the NCBA - KMI Motor Show 2023 unfolds, it promises to be a testament to Kenya's commitment to sustainable and innovative automotive solutions, propelling the nation toward a cleaner and more dynamic transportation future.