Samsung Electronics East Africa has partnered with Tilisi Views to stage a luxury smart home concept with potential home owners learning how to make their homes smart and appealing.

The concept experiences were held at Tilisi Views off the Nairobi-Nakuru Highway in the weekend using 2023 Samsung line-up of consumer electronics that were shown at the event.

Samsung Electronics East Africa’s Head of Consumer Electronics Division Sam Odhiambo and Tilisi CEO Graeme Reid graced the Smart home experience that runs from August 5-19, 2023.

Samsung’s 2023 smart consumer electronics line-up consists of the Neo-QLED TV (43 to 98 inches), customizable Bespoke Top-Mount Fridge, AI-enabled washing machine, Frame TV and the Freestyle portable projector.

“We are thrilled to announce the launch of our latest line of home appliances that not only add convenience to your life but also redefine the way we interact with technology within our homes. We are living in the smart age and customers are looking for electronics that go beyond functionality,” said Odhiambo.

He added: “We believe that technology should serve you, rather than the other way around. With this principle in mind, living the Samsung Bespoke Life allows you to design a home that not only caters to your unique needs but your values as well, empowering you to enjoy a more personalized, connected and sustainable lifestyle.”

The Samsung and Tilisi Views luxury experience show house is a seamless and intuitive connected experience that became possible by combining Bespoke appliances’ hyper-connectivity with SmartThings’ automation.

The smart show house at Tilisi Views staged how Samsung’s updated line-up of SmartThings services including SmartThings Cooking, Clothing Care, AI Energy and Home Care simplified daily user routines.

The event gave Samsung an opportunity to enlighten its customers on its new products, their new features, how to maximize on their use and integrate them with other home appliances.

“The Kenyan Luxury real estate buyer is a world traveler. They are well exposed to global standards of living and a smart home is one of them,” said Reid about the partnership.

He added, “Partnering with Samsung, we have been able to bring global smart home standards to Kenya showing Customers that the Tilisi Views homes are indeed for them.”


Key highlights of the event were Samsung’s latest Neo QLED 8K and 4K TVs, which are powered by the electronics manufacturer’s cutting-edge Neural Quantum Processor, Top Mount Bespoke Refrigerators making it easier to customise it to fit your interior designs.