Java House, the renowned casual dining establishment, has announced the opening of its 84th branch in Nairobi's bustling Eastleigh neighbourhood.

The move signifies Java House's commitment to getting closer to its guests and expanding its presence in the region. The new branch aims to captivate diners with a wider range of casual dining options, tailored to meet the evolving needs of the local market.

Priscilla Gathungu, CEO of Java House, shared insights into the brand's growth strategy.

She said their ambition is to reach a wider audience by offering their signature Java menu, customized to cater to each market segment.

.Java House Africa Chief Executive Officer, Priscilla Gathungu, (In a black top) poses for a photo with members of her team during the opening of the 84th Java House outlet PHOTO | COURTESY

Guests visiting the new branch will have the opportunity to indulge in the full Halal-compliant menu, savour Java's famous coffee, and explore other retail items.

In addition, Java House has partnered with prominent online delivery services such as Carrefour, Glovo, Jumia Foods, Bolt foods, Uber Eats, and Little Cab, providing guests with the convenience of online ordering.

Gathungu emphasized the brand's commitment to innovation and adaptability, remarking, "Our guests' needs are constantly evolving, and we want to adapt to these changes."

Recognizing Eastleigh as a bustling hub of activity, she added, "We have 100,000 people coming into Eastleigh daily with 30,000 of those coming for work-related activity, and that number gets to over 250,000 over the holiday periods. You have to respect the work ethic and collaboration that goes into building this kind of vibrant community and collaboration, and that's why it makes sense to be here and to be that."

The new branch, located at the recently inaugurated Business Bay Square Mall, joins Java House's expanding list of Halal-compliant branches in the region.

The mall has already attracted a diverse mix of tenants, establishing itself as a destination for locals in the area.

Wachera Maina, Tenant Coordinator at Business Bay Square Mall, expressed enthusiasm about the addition of the region's leading casual dining establishment.

“Hosting the region’s leading casual dining establishment provides a healthy addition to the mix of businesses that the mall is home to. We are confident that the restaurant will serve as an attraction to many visitors to the area, and drive the community growing within our mall.”  Maina stated.

Representing the Eastleigh Business Community, Mohamed Ahmed Asmali lauded Java House for serving the vibrant Nairobi neighbourhood.

“We are excited to have the Java brand serve the community. Eastleigh attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors each day, all of whom now have the opportunity to interact with Java’s products. s," Asmali said.

"There are many opportunities for mutual benefit between the community and the brand as suppliers, partners, customers, through CSR initiatives, and creating new job opportunities for the people within the community."

Java House's continued investments demonstrate its confidence in the growing consumer base in the region, while also fostering collaborations with suppliers, partners, and the local community.

Some of the first customers receive service at the newly opened Java House Africa’s branch in Eastleigh’s Business Bay Square Mall. The new branch, which is the 84thJava House outlet. PHOTO | COURTESY

The new branch has created additional employment opportunities for baristas, chefs, and hospitality staff, and has provided a boost to delivery service providers in the Eastleigh area.

Since its establishment in 1999 in Nairobi, Java House has built a loyal customer base across East Africa and expanded its brand portfolio to include Kukito, Planet Yoghurt, and 360 Degrees Pizza.

Java House's latest branch in Eastleigh reflects its commitment to providing exceptional dining experiences, catering to diverse market segments, and contributing to the vibrant communities it serves.