The Africa Logistics Properties (ALP) has partnered with the International Finance Corporation (IFC) to accelerate the adoption of green building practices in Kenya.

ALP says this will be done by promoting voluntary green building certification programs based on World Bank's Excellence in Design for Greater Efficiencies (EDGE) standards.

ALP and IFC say they will work together to help Kenya transition her real estate industry into a lower carbon and resource-efficient path.

IFC will educate industry players on the principles and use of EDGE software, standards, and certification system as ALP promotes sustainable design and building construction practices in the industry.

According to UNEP, the building and construction industry accounts for 34 per cent of all energy demands and produces approximately 37 per cent of energy-related CO2 emissions.

ALP Development Director Maruza Chikwanha has challenged Kenya to prioritise the adoption of climate-smart building.

“There is an immediate need for the real estate industry to move towards green development as we try and slow climate change down,” said Maruza.

He added, “ALP will continue to promote sustainable design practices and, jointly with IFC, present the benefits of using the EDGE certification system to other developers, hoping to green the industry further.”

EDGE is a green building standard and international certification system created by IFC that specifies measurable factors that need to be considered when developing green buildings.

Developers who meet the standards set out for green buildings then receive an EDGE certification that captures the water and energy resources that have been saved.

ALP North in Tatu City was the first industrial building in Africa to get EDGE certification for its 41 per cent savings on energy use, 52 per cent water savings, and 50 per cent less embodied energy in the building materials used.

“We are the first industrial developers in Africa to get EDGE certification and the first African signatory to the World Green Buildings Council Zero Carbon Commitment. We are on the path to having 100 per cent of our developments green-certified.

“In addition to being good for our tenants, this provides a business case for other industrial developers. Already, the government is taking steps to combat climate change, and concerted effort will be needed to bear significant fruit.”