When you meet Damaris Maina, you cannot help but notice her wide smile as she narrates her journey from a regular tailor acting as an agent to being upgraded to a Super-Agent.

She specializes in sewing curtains and joined Kapu to earn an extra coin to compliment he “main hustle” but the money she has earned from being agent has excited her immensely.

The goods that move most, according to her own Kapu experience with her tens of customers, are maize flour, wheat flour, soap, sugar and cooking oil.

“I have been with Kapu for four months now and so far, so good. I cannot complain because the commission I earn from Kapu I use it to add more stock in my main hustle and I am also able to use some cash to do some shopping for my house.”

“The more you sell the more you earn. When I started I earned some very little commission. As my orders have increased my commissions have also increased that’s why I have been made Kapu a super-agent. The commission I earn per week right now is between Sh2,500 and Sh3,000,” she said.

Damaris added, “For every order you place on Kapu (as an agent) you receive Sh8 in commission. In the same day if you place an order of Sh500 you get Sh20 and Sh100 if you place an order of Sh2,500 the same day. One can earn up to Sh500 per day in commission.”

Her customer base has been rising fast due to her amiable mien in her neighborhood in Gitaru area of Kiambu County.

“One thing about Kapu is that their prices are a bit cheaper compared to the nearby Gitaru market and having this curtain business has enable me to recruit them to become my Kapu groceries clients.”

She says the discounts her customers enjoy from Kapu using her promo code has endeared them to the new social commerce app and ordering as a “chama” means they save more.

On being asked whether she would contemplate replacing her main curtain hustle with her Kapu agent side-hustle due to her fast surging commission earnings, she said:

“I cannot switch. I will do both because my customers still need curtains as well as they need food. Right now, I can boast I have 60-70 customers,” she said gleefully.

Damaris noted that since becoming a Kapu agent, her life has changed tremendously.

“I have seen many changes in my life. For example, I have managed to purchase a new sewing machine worth Sh19,000 using the commissions I have earned from Kapu.”

She advised other people intending to become Kapu agents to create trust with their customers like she does with hers who now pay in advance when placing grocery orders.

“To make my work easier I normally advice my customers to pay me cash in advance to pay for the order on Kapu since I have to make the payments by 9pm daily as a super-agent.

Damaris says she recently added a delivery service, especially to her elderly customers, and she always goes out into the villages every Friday looking for potential new Kapu clients.