The Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) has again allowed Naivasha-based Keroche Breweries to reopen the factory on Friday after shutting down the brewery for defaulting on payment of tax arrears.

This comes after the KRA acceded to a court direction issued by Justice Abigail Mshila to allow the brewery to operate.

Keroche CEO Tabitha Karanja Keroche announced the development via her social media account.

“This evening, I have received a letter from the KRA referencing today’s Court Session and the directions issued by the Court. In the said letter, KRA has agreed to reopen our factory tomorrow at 11:00 am. This is good news. I thank KRA for FINALLY acceding to the sanction of the Court. I thank the Judiciary for their impartiality and judicious view of the underlying circumstances,” Karanja wrote.

Karanja pledged to settle the underlying tax disputes in due course as the company undertakes to pay its taxes. She also appreciated their customers, stakeholders and well-wishers for their concern and continued support.

“As Keroche Breweries, we solemnly undertake to pay our taxes as and when they fall due. In good time, we shall indeed settle all the underlying tax disputes. To our customers, stakeholders and well-wishers, we appreciate your concern and your continued great support,” she added.

The taxman wrote to Keroche Breweries Limited on Thursday, informing the company of his compliance with the court decision.

“On 28th July 2020, during a mention before Justice Abigail Mshila of an application to cite the Commissioner General Kenya Revenue Authority for contempt of court,” the letter read.

“During the mention, the Honourable Judge categorically stated that the application for contempt of Court would be heard by the said judge on 2nd August 2022; and during the hearing she would not give audience to the Authority’s Counsel to address the court unless the Keroche factory is opened immediately.”

“Therefore, based on the directions of the Honourable Justice Abigail Mshila, the Keroche factory will be opened tomorrow 29th July 2022 at 11:00 am.”

Keroche Breweries Limited and the KRA have been embroiled in a tax row for a long time.