The despair on the faces of motorists on roads in many cities and towns across Kenya continued showing on Monday as the situation refused to return to normal at fuel stations.

In Nairobi, long queues were witnessed in the few stations that had fuel stocks with many motorists forced to wait for up to an hour to get whatever amounts they were permitted.

Many petrol stations remained shut or some had attendants but no fuel with many vehicles stalling on city roads as some motorists ran out of fuel before reaching operational ones.

Some motorists could be heard lamenting “Sasa hii shortage itaendelea hadi lini?!” as they waited for their turn as some stations put limits on the amount of fuel one can purchase.

This comes amid claims oil marketing companies were hoarding fuel in anticipation of a hike prices of fuel products in the April 14 review by Energy and Petroleum Regulatory Authority (EPRA).

Reports indicate that most oil firms have refused to buy fuel from Kenya Pipeline Company deports awaiting a price increase so they can rake in huge profits from Thursday midnight.

This comes despite Energy PS Andrew Kamau promising that fuel supply would stabilize by Thursday last week after Treasury released Sh34 billion in subsidies to the oil companies.

But very little seems to have changed as the government probes the oil marketers over allegations of hoarding and refusing to purchase fuel products for speculation purposes.

A spot check by Swala Nyeti on Monday night found that most petrol stations remained shut or were open but did not sell fuel products, with only a few selling the products, including Shell petrol stations in Parklands and near Windsor along the Ruiru bypass.