President Uhuru Kenyatta has assured global investors that Kenya is an open and safe environment for business. 


Uhuru was speaking on Wednesday while launching the celebrations to mark Kenya National Day at the Expo Dubai 2020.

The head of state affirmed his administration has established a legal framework for investor protection in line with most international standards.

The protection in question includes safeguards for property rights.


The president said Kenya enjoys political and economic stability a fully liberalised economy, a large domestic consumer market, a youthful, skilled and productive labour force as well as a modern infrastructure network.

Uhuru said the attributes make Kenya the location of choice for multinational companies as well as the region’s leading destination.

“These attributes have made Kenya the location of choice for multinational companies and a leading destination for foreign direct investment in the region,” Uhuru said.


Uhuru reiterated Kenya is keen to build fresh trade relationships with the Gulf Cooperation Council states and other countries participating in the expo and harness the opportunities the expo has offered to build new business partnerships.

“We seek to harness the opportunities offered by this expo to build new business partnerships, attract new investments and bring tourists to Kenya to enjoy our world-renowned attractions,” the head of state said.


Uhuru noted that trade, investment and strong partnerships with the private sector are key in realising the vision.

The president also expressed his confidence in Kenya being in a strong position to expand its trade and economic horizon for the benefit of its people, as the largest economy and business hub with sufficient capabilities in the region.


Uhuru said that was the background, Kenya was promoting business partnerships and establishing linkages between public and private sector institutions.

“It is against this background and in the spirit of Vision 2030, that we are here, to promote business-to-business partnerships and establish linkages between private and public sector institutions,” the president said.


Uhuru also expounded on the opportunities for global investors in Kenya, ranging from agriculture, green energy and manufacturing.

UAE Minister of Tolerance and Coexistence His Highness Sheikh Nahyan bin Mubarak Al Nahyan who is also the Commissioner-General of the Expo 2020 Dubai said Kenya and the UAE boast of a strong relationship based on shared values and vision since. 

Sheikh Nahyan bin Mubarak Al Nahyan. PHOTO/PSCU

He expressed his country's pleasure in being Kenya’s top trading partner globally.

“We are pleased to be among Kenya’s top trading partners globally,” Sheikh Al Nahyan said.

Sheikh Al Nahyan added that President Uhuru’s presence at the expo signified close ties between Kenya and Dubai.

He commended Kenya’s pavilion at the expo, saying under the theme “feel the energy of Kenya” the pavilion provides an opportunity for the world to discover Kenya’s economic potential and gives an insight into key sectors such as agriculture, innovation and tourism