Kenyans may have to dig deeper into their pockets to match the high electricity bills expected for the month of July.

This follows an upward change to tariffs by the Energy and Petroleum Regulatory Authority on Friday.

The foreign exchange fluctuation change is expected to get to Sh1.20 per unit up from last month’s 77 cents.

However, the fuel cost charge will decrease to Sh3.30 per unit consumed.

Meanwhile, the water resource management will also increase significantly Sh1.93 up from almost nil.

The increased foreign exchange variance tax originates from a minimal inversion in gains by the local currency and references power purchases paid for in US dollars.

Kenyans will therefore have to fork out more from their pockets to be able to live their lives normally as the increase in the cost of electricity production will trickle down to consumers both directly and indirectly.

The cost of living has certainly gone high for Kenyans who are still reeling under the effects of Covid-19.