One tweet by Osumo Bradox, popularly known as Osumo Brad, on December 21, 2019, changed the fortunes of Big Fish, the fish restaurant he runs in Nairobi.

The restaurant the 27-year-old co-owns with his sister and is located at Roasters along Garden Estate Road Off Thika Road has grown to become the go-to fish place.

So big has the Big Fish brand become that the fish mongering siblings decided to branch out to the leafier and fancier location in Westlands area of Nairobi in the first week of July.


Swala Nyeti sat down with Osumo, who graduated with a bachelor's degree in biochemistry and biotechnology from Kenyatta University, and he shared his experience and vision for the restaurant as well as his ambitious future plans:

SN: Tell us about your new Big Fish branch and what made you choose the particular location in Westlands?

Osumo: The new branch at church rd westlands was as a result of us wanting to serve daily clients mainly from offices, and apartments. So we were looking for an area with both residential and offices since they were the target.

SN: Any plans to expand further and what are the potential areas you are eyeing to set up more branches?

Before we wanted to open a branch along Ngong Road or Kilimani area. They are areas with both offices and residential areas. We are also considering Mombasa Road.


SN: What do you believe has been the key to your growth and success resulting in your new expansion bid?

The only thing that keeps our business going is the passion to serve people our delicacy. It gives us satisfaction than the income itself. We serve passion. Our motto is "true taste ever fresh," which my sisters play a big role in maintaining since they are the ones who prepare the fish.

SN: What have you learnt from the period Big Fish has been in operation?

Since starting Big Fish, we have learnt that business requires patience. A business should also be passion-driven and honesty is key. Clients are easy to deal with when you are honest with them.


SN: What are the biggest hurdles you have had to deal with since starting the business and how did you overcome them?

Our biggest challenge has been the kitchen; a small kitchen limits you and so preparation of food becomes slower. Quick service leads to customer satisfaction. At our new branch we managed to build a huge kitchen with more cookers to ensure quick service.

SN: Business-wise, who do you look up to in the fish market and why?

Majorly, in this fish game, Ranalo (Kosewe) is somebody we all want to be. He has been in the business for many years. Every fishmonger just wants to be him. He's somewhere we want to be.


SN: What is your plan with Big Fish for the next 5 years?

In the next 5 years, we want one out of 10 of the Nairobi population to have had a taste of our fish. It feels good to serve more people which later leads to referrals.

SN: What lessons have you learnt about business during your time in operation and what advice would you give anyone venturing into the fish business in Kenya?

Fish requires attention, it requires passion. Like any other business, patience is key.

SN: Any last words to Big Fish and Osumo fans and any other person who looks up to you and wants you to succeed?

What I can tell people is that they can use social media to their business advantage. Be your biggest marketer, use your socials and be consistent. Also try and use raw images. People relate to real images more than the downloaded pictures.

SN: Away from selling fish and the hotel business what do you do to unwind?

I love Luo music. Once in a while I go out. I can't go to the club as often since I am at work daily. I watch football too with my brother, we both love football.