Kenya’s biggest mobile service provider Safaricom has issued a notice to its customers informing them on some adjustments to the pricing on their products.

The adjustment is informed by the recent government’s move to adjust Excise Duty on Airtime and Telephone Services from 15 per cent s to 20 per cent.

Safaricom announced that the adjustment was effective July 7, 2021.

Among the product and service price affected include;

  • All out-of-bundle voice calls, data and SMS as well as integrated plans including All-in-one will be revised to reflect the increment in the Excise Duty.
  • Roaming and International calling and SMS rates will be revised to reflect the 20 per cent Excise Duty.
  • Also affected is the cost of internet, all Fibre to the Home and Fibre to the Business plans have been revised to reflect the new 20 per cent Excise Duty.
  • The pricing for all Personal Postpaid including PostPay and all Corporate Postpaid products and services which include Zidisha Plus, Security, Cloud, IoT and collocation have also been revised appropriately and will reflect in the next month’s invoice.

Safaricom customers however have some relief because all Safaricom consumer data bundle prices remain unchanged. These include Non-Expiry bundles, daily bundles, weekly bundles, monthly bundles and Giga bundles.

For detailed and specific pricing, Safaricom has welcomed customers to visit their website and various touch points for each service or products.

The move by the government to increase the Excise duty to 20 percent has not been taken well by Kenyans who are till struggling through the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic.