Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) has reopened of all national parks and game reserves to all tourists after the president revised tough Covid-19 mitigation measures ordered in March.

KWS shut down the parks and reserves after President Uhuru Kenyatta ordered stricter measures to curb Covid-19 infections in Kenya, including cessation of movement in 5 counties.

The national parks, game reserves and sanctuaries operated by KWS will now be opened from morning to 6pm daily, according to the notice.

President Kenyatta on Saturday lifted his cessation of movement order in Nairobi, Kiambu, Machakos, Kajiado and Nakuru counties over their highest daily virus infections recorded.

KWS said in the notice: “Kenya Wildlife Service has re-opened all its facilities to visitors across parks, reserves and sanctuaries.”

The wildlife service asserted that all visitors to the wildlife facilities across the country must strictly adhere to all Coronavirus pandemic protocols when the facilities reopen.

“Visitors are reminded that it’s mandatory to wear masks, keep social distance, and wash hands with soap and running water, or using a sanitizer at all our facilities,” added KWS.

In his Labour Day speech, Uhuru eased Covid containment measures, including reopening hotels and bars up to 7pm, and moved curfew start time to 10pm from 8pm to revive the battered economy.

KWS in April ordered all national parks, reserves and sanctuaries in the five zoned counties shut owing to the presidential order restricting of movement into and out of the regions.