Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) has warned Kenyans that they will lose their Personal Identification Number (PIN) if they fail to file their returns before the June 30 deadline.

In a notice on Monday, KRA said it will deactivate PINs of those who don’t file tax returns without any reasonable explanation will lose their pins after the 30-day window elapses.

The taxman indicated that it would start the process of deregistering the PIN holders and deleting their details from its national database once the deadline elapses.

“Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) would like to notify the public that taxpayers who are registered under the Value Added Tax (VAT) Act, 2013, and the Income Tax Act, CAP 470 Laws of Kenya are required to file their returns under the respective laws,” KRA said in the notice.

It added, “Failure to file returns, unless the cause is shown to the contrary, the Commissioner of Domestic Taxes shall have their personal identification numbers (PINs) de-registered and canceled from the KRA system”.

Minus a KRA PIN, an individual or a company will find it difficult doing any business in Kenya and East Africa or getting employed in firms where a KRA PIN is a mandatory requirement.

The taxman also appealed to individuals to take advantage of its Voluntary Tax Disclosure program to reveal their income sources and negotiate their mode of payment.

“Taxpayers are also encouraged to take advantage of the Voluntary Tax Disclosure Program and apply, disclose and pay their outstanding liability with a relief on interest and penalties,” KRA added in the notice.

According to KRA, a total of 62,727 PINs are linked to about 7,107 individual accounts risk deregistration in the next 30 days and they include firms, learning institutions and NGOs.