Kenyans who were holding their breath breathed easy on Wednesday after the Energy and Petroleum Regulatory Authority (EPRA) announced that prices of super petrol, diesel and kerosene will remain unchanged for the next month.

EPRA put to rest speculation that had been rife in the past three weeks that the fuel pump prices would go up yet again, taking it to its highest in the past decade and putting extra pressure on Kenyans already buddened by the high cost of living due to the pandemic.  

The fears of a fuel pump price increase saw many Kenyan motorists rush to petrol stations across the country to fill up their tanks in anticipation of EPRA's announcement on Wednesday.

However, majority of Kenyans still wished the fuel prices would have gone down to at least ease their pain as many struggle to put food on their table, amid job losses and strained domestic budgets and the ever rising food prices amid the Covid-19 pandemic.  

For example, fuel pump prices per litre in Nairobi will remain Sh122.81 for petrol, Sh107.66 for diesel and Sh97.85 for kerosene until May 14 when it will be revised again by the regulator.